Sviluppo Web e Mobile

Da quando il numero degli utenti connessi è cresciuto in modo vertiginoso, per le imprese sono sorte diverse difficoltà. Per superare le nuove sfide tecnologiche e le discontinuità operative, le organizzazioni hanno bisogno di soluzioni di qualità e di ampio respiro.

In questo frangente, Animated Web garantisce lo sviluppo di applicazioni web di assoluta qualità con un time-to-market ridottissimo, prediligendo la standardizzazione e gettando solide basi per il mantenimento del vantaggio competitivo.

Senza mai perdere di vista le nuove opportunità, ci facciamo carico allo stesso tempo di forma e sostanza, partendo da una visione d'assieme e scendendo via via in profondità, forti di solide architetture tecnologiche.

Quando ragionevolmente opportuno, le nostre appicazioni traducono in un look allettante (a volte sorprendente) le esigenze dei clienti. Ispirati dal modello Web 2.0, incoraggiamo le organizzazioni all'uso di soluzioni che consentano agli utenti di comunicare e collaborare; ovunque l'interattività rappresenti una concreta opportunità.

Web Design

Even if actually kicked-off in the 2011, Animated Web was commissioned for the design, re-egineering, maintenance of many web sites ranging from light-startups to e-Commerce and multi-language corporate portals. We can start from scratch, proposing visually appealing layouts and materializing them into quick-loading and search-engine friendly components, always cross-browser & mobile compatible.

"Start from scratch" means create ex novo graphics, logo and responsive style-sheets at reasonable costs but - although we prefer to receive a brief and then feedback the client with an original solution - we can easily cope with any particular prefabricated web template the customer would desire to adopt.

We are familiar with the process behind the web design, so we keep our customers constantly updated about their projects by presenting them mock layouts and test pages, showing how exactly the final work will looks like, before to go live.

Android ®

Android is the next-gen new wave in the mobile world. Based on the Linux Kernel, Android allows developers to code their application using the Google-enabled Java libraries by means of the Google Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

With the SDK APIs we can exploit the unlimited possibilities of Android through its comprehensive set of development tools and the handset emulator. Should you need to know more about our Android application development methodologies do not hesitate to contact us.

Web 2.0

Whenever interactivity is a real opportunity the Web 2.0 model scale up the Web-As-Information to Web-As-Participation. It is really a phenomenal change that might turn your web site into the epicenter of your visitors (or customers) activities.


Should your business needs to rapidly open a shop on the web, whether your are willing to set up your PayPal account and quicly add the secure "buy now" buttons using the standard PayPal Shopping Cart or you are aspiring to get a more customized solution, consider we are ready-to-start.

Nevertheless, take into account that even a custom Shopping Cart might be viably combined with the standard PayPal check-out, thus getting the best from the both. And apart from that, there are many Open Source E-Commerce Suite out there; complete, robust and widely tested, though they need a little extra effort to get things done. We can help, anyway.