SEO, SEM, Analytics and E-Mail Marketing

Success online can be as elusive as the will-o-wisp. Having a website that ranks beyond the twenty in the search engine results pages rarely brings a pratical effect on your business. Roughly speaking, having a well done website is not enough to reach your target customers. Search Engine Marketing may effectively help in driving qualified traffic to your pages, reaching out to the people that - unawarely - are just looking for you.

Establishing a clear identity is crucial to launch your business online and Animated Web helps clients achieve success through result tangible and ethical approach (the so-called "white hat" conduct). We explore your business type and whenever possible we work for to occupy the more appropriate web-niche, galvanizing traffic, turning visitors to customers and retaining existing customers.

Search Engine Marketing

To commit on the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) became a must in the recent years. As online business has dramatically increased its scope, it has become crucial for enterprises not to sink below the survival line. eBusiness can attract profit, only if you effectively reach out to your customers.

Campaign Performance

Even if your pages reached the top on the search engines as organic (non-paid) results, your brand awareness is greatly enhanced when you ads are shown in a suitable situation triggered by the right keywords, spelling a proper pay-off and landing on a truly engaging page. An effective campaign always results in revenues that overcome the expenditure.

In certain situations we ran a single campaign continuously, all year long, always getting the pay back for the money we spent. It can be difficult; on the pay-per-click arena, just put in place the wrong keywords or the wrong ads and you may begin to waste your money.

As a general rule, a click through goes into a contact form and a contact form - hopefully - turns into a request for information. Behind every inquiry might lie a customer and, in the end, conversion is the magic that turns a visitor into a customer. It is not a fate: every single step can be measured and the equity of your business improves whenever those measures meet the expectations.

Search Engine Optimization

You can read a lot about Seo Tips just googling on those terms. You may easily learn how to write page titles and combine well-formed url, plain text and link strategy.

Even if your page rank is zero (or n.a.) you might reach the Google top within few weeks, if your business is focused on non-competitive keywords. Things get harder if you're trying to sell a mobile phone or a hotel reservation for a week end in Paris.

You may have unrealistic expectations and wait endlessly until your glory day but since you are going to reap just what you sow it is better to plan for the next days to come; refine from time to time but never changing too much your strategy.

Your pages in the organic search results are virtually free and they never expire, that's the reason why you have to consider Search Engine Optimization as the solid foundation of your business. From the very first day.

This is where Animated Web may help; applying our Seo expertise, we can improve the volume and quality of your traffic and help you to confirm your online identity.

Our "white hat" practices stem from analytical data (keyword analysis, site analysis, competitor analysis) to reach out measurable results that make your business venture a success story.

Email Marketing

Easy, effective and affordable. That's the way for you to keep your audience coming back. Use attractive, professional-looking email to stay in regular touch with your contacts thus building a strong customer relationship.

We are using Constant Contact and within two hours we could set up a mailing for you. In a while, we may import your contacts, select and fill-in a template (of your choice) with your pictures and text and then have your first professional mailing ready to go. It's better and more effective than regular email.

Traffic Analysis

It is not merely a bulk of numbers; your analytics tell you more that you can realize. Trends are more important than daily figures in that they can tell you how to coordinate your marketing strategy with the real world.

Do the visitors buy into your services and products or do they just click exit the minute they enter? To raise up or pace down your daily budget or contour differently your campaign on a geographic basis, might depend on some evidences you may find in your analytic's reports. Look at them and learn how to understand their meanings.

Analyzing the demographics of your website's traffic is as important as hooking visitors to your site. Moreover, a proper analysis of your traffic sources can help you gauge the progress of your keywords advertising campaign.

Behind any of the pages we produce - no matter how they are important, large, or "one-click-away" from the home page - there is a Google Analytics ® account that every day gives you statistical data you should always consider prior to spend a single penny in promoting your site.