Closely dealing with the World Wide Web, since two-thousand

About Us

Animated Web is an Internet Agency located in Milan, providing small business to enterprise solutions that include Web, Educational Programmes, Mobile & Legacy Application, Search Engine Marketing & Optimization plus a wide range of IT-related solutions.

Closely dealing with the World Wide Web, since two-thousand
We are banking on our rich and versatile backgrounds and experience:

Paolo Cecchellero has been Operations Manager in RCS Digital, supervising the IT behind-the-scenes of the online version of Corriere della Sera, the most reputable italian newspaper.

Lucio Andreetto acted as a Senior Manager in Accenture, a world-wide known global management consulting company.
Never missing the latest paradigms, we take care of the shape and the substance as well, drilling down from hovers to the deep details backed by strong and solid technological architectures.

Our well-structured development methodology, grown up by years spent on large-scale enterprises, is now assisted by half a dozen young, creative & technology enthusiast co-workers providing most of the diverse skills a project might need.

Nice to meet!

Paolo Cecchellero has been Operations Manager in RCS Digital, oversighting the IT behind-the-scenes of the online version of Corriere della Sera, the most reputable italian newspaper.

Paolo Cecchellero
Founder, Web Engineer

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Lucio Andreetto acted as a Senior Manager in Accenture, the world-wide known global management consulting company.

Lucio Andreetto
Co-Founder, Marketing Manager

Nice to meet!

Max Flebus has been System Architect & Operations Manager in EasyNet, taking care of company-owned and customer-owned servers as well and managing most of the security related issues (Firewalls, VPNs, etc...).

Max Flebus
System Specialist


Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them them like an artist

Pablo Picasso
Never missing the latest paradigms, we take care of the shape and the substance as well, drilling down from hovers to the deep details backed by strong and solid technological architectures.
Animated Web can provide a highly custom-fit, quality-focused and rapid time-to-market application development that helps clients to meet each and every specific requirement of their business. When reasonabily suitable, our applications provide alluring (sometime stunning) functional rendition of our client's needs.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin
We offer specific training and education services designed for individuals, companies, and public organizations to acquire and improve their skills in business related behaviours and activities such as handle a meeting and prepare an effective presentation.
We succeeded in training managers and executives on how to build strong functional organizations through human resource functions, such as ideal recruitment, performance evaluations, meeting management, incentive programs and setting of goals (MBO).

In e-commerce, your prices have to be better because the consumer has to take a leap of faith in your product.

Ashton Kutcher
During these years we've been engaged to accomplish full-integration (server-to-server) for some popular payment gateways: PayPal, GestPay (Banca Sella), PostFinance (Swiss Post).
The stateless nature of REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is fully exploited on our recents works since it was assumed and confirmed as the best solution for advanced merchants. The REST Api's have been used on PayPal integration. Other kinds of web services - WSDL and SOAP - have been used on other projects relying on GestPay (Banca Sella) architecture.

Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.

Erin Bury
Success online can be as elusive as the will-o-wisp. Having a website that ranks beyond the twenty in the search engine results pages rarely brings a pratical effect on your business. Roughly speaking, having a well done website is not enough to reach your target customers. Search Engine Marketing may effectively help in driving qualified traffic to your pages, reaching out to the people that - unawarely - are just looking for you.
Establishing a clear identity is crucial to launch your business online and Animated Web helps clients achieve success through result tangible and ethical approach (the so-called "white hat" conduct). We explore your business type and whenever possible we work for to occupy the more appropriate web-niche, galvanizing traffic, turning visitors to customers and retaining existing customers.

Why Choose Us?

We are Pragmatic

We do not reinvent the wheel. More and more often we simply combine ready-to-use elements with ad hoc coding in order to get a unique and tailored result. It is not matter of make or buy: someone calls it strategy.

We are Reliable

Always on call. Ready to start. Ready to assist. Ready to reply. Ready to fix. We are always prone to give a honest opinion about anything that comes to mind.

We have the skills

We learned the basics at time when basics were the only things to learn and we participated to the long running. This is the reason why we know what is behind the curtains.

We love minimalism

Nowadays there is no more room left for non-crucial elements. Any idea, any pattern, any solution has to be kept simple and straightforward. Semiotics is the leading discipline to get things done.

We are open minded

We know that your seized opportunities become our reputation. And reputation is our main asset. So we are always by your side, depicting different options and providing technical solutions.

We're Friendly

Call us on the go, on frantic mondays and during weekends as well: in any case we'll be glad to take a while and discuss whatever is in your mind.

What people say?

Paolo è molto più di un esperto di informatica (peraltro bravissimo): è una persona che si appassiona al progetto, ti aiuta a modellarlo, ti accompagna anche nei momenti più complicati, estrae dalla sua mente (notevole!) continue soluzioni, innovazioni, spesso sorprendenti e utilissime. Per me è stato (ed è) un essenziale compagno di viaggio, nelle mie avventure editoriali. E, non ultimo, è una persona che risponde sempre, anche alle ore più improbabili dei giorni più difficili: risponde con la voce, non con anonime mail…

Paolo Rossi Castelli, PRC Comunicare la Scienza

What people say?

"Negli anni che ho lavorato con Paolo mi ha sempre colpito la sua capacità di analisi delle situazioni. Essenziale, efficace, immediata. Direi quasi binaria: in un attimo assorbe tutte le informazioni, pota l'albero e tiene in vita solo i rami principali, sottoponendoti le decisioni chiave da prendere e illustrandoti i pro e i contro di ciascuna scelta."

Diego Antonelli, Rai

What people say?

Phasellus luctus commodo ullamcorper a posuere rhoncus commodo elit. Aenean congue, risus utaliquam dapibus. Thanks!

John Doe, doodle inc.

Latest News freshly baked & coming soon

A new web site started February 2018
JOKOH CO LTD - based on Tokyo, Japan - Over one hundred million dollars annual revenues, is a leading world manufacturer of scientific instruments for medical appliances and industrial processing equipment. Web Project coordinated by CRR CONSULT.
ANTEPRIMA, di Giorgio Dell’Arti
Presto, nuovo sito e nuova veste per Anteprima, la spremuta di notizie di Giorgio Dell'Arti
Non una semplice rassegna stampa, ma un vero e proprio quotidiano, tutto scritto da Giorgio Dell’Arti, che alle 4 del mattino legge i giornali che stanno per andare in edicola e li consegna via mail alle 7:30. Il modo giusto per uscire di casa alle otto sapendo tutto quello che c'è da sapere.
A new web site to come as spin off from Italfeed complementary feedstuff product line
Founded 2004 Italfeed is an Italian company committed to research, study and commercialization of exclusive raw materials and nutraceutical additives of natural origin in the veterinarian and feed industry.


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